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For people who would like to know more about being effective in confronting and changing social problems here in the Lone Star State


Updated 10/7/02


Make checks to "PWW;" send to PWW at 238 W 23rd Street, NYNY 10011.


"The first victim of war is truth!" {actual quote from somebody}


Jim Lane in Dallas

Recent peace actions with photos here. We are still trying to move to http://tx.cpusa.org


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I have a full-time job and try to spend as much of what's left on progressive activities that are really important. I'm sure you do the same and don't want to waste our time repeating the same stuff. But if you can't find it here or on any of the related sites, or if you want to volunteer, please click here. I'll get back to you as soon as I can.


--Jim Lane, volunteer correspondent

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